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The set of five Nausicaä hairpins will flower all your hairstyles, giving free rein to your imagination. Whether lined up around a bun or cascading in a braid, they will bring a romantic and flowery touch to your look thanks to its flowers and foliage stabilized in pastel tones. 

Like the whole of its collection, which perfectly complements it, they are available in coral or ocean blue.


  • Composition: bronze colored metal pins,  dried flowers and foliage or  stabilized (such as: hydrangea,  scabiosa, glixia,  baby's breath, fern ...)
  • Dimensions:  3 sizes of small gardens. x1 L = about 5cm, x2 M = about 4cm, x2 S = about 3cm


Our small garden-jewelry are made of sustainable natural plants assembled delicately that require  that we be gentle and careful with them to preserve their beauty as long as possible.

All are made by hand in our small Breton workshop.

coral Nausicaä hairpins

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