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Image de Sean Paul Kinnear
Maëva, la créatrice

"I am Maëva,

The little hands behind these soft strands of poetry.

Great dreamer and fascinated by the vegetal world that surrounds us, I wanted to tell you my own tales through these little enchanted gardens to wear close to you. My way of seeing nature differently.


After a few years in bridal hairstyling, I realized that one of my favorite moments was to bloom the hair of my brides with flowers.

Floral art has always intrigued me but making flowers even more ephemeral after picking them held me back ...

The discovery of preserved flowers opened up new horizons and filled me with inspiration.

For a long time I wanted to take a path closer to nature. Brins de poésie now allows me to blossom on a daily basis with flowers. To be fully accomplished, it was important for me to be able to express my creativity in order to give wonder while having a more virtuous approach to the environment. "

A committed brand

  Little  gardens responsible in many ways ...

  • The flowers that compose them are cultivated, gleaned and collected by us or chosen as locally as possible.

  • These small plants are durable, they will keep their beauty for many years thanks to an ecological conservation process.

  • They do not require water or energy (refrigeration) to be stored.

  • They are all made by hand, in Brittany.

  • Their protective cases like all their packaging are made of recycled and recyclable materials.

  • The little waste left behind is sorted and recycled.

  • 1% of their profit is donated to the association "act for the environment" (agir pour l'environnement) 

  • The choice of their supports such as linen, jute, cork is as natural as possible.

  • We take a lot of time sorting and reusing our scraps to generate as little waste as possible.

  • The choice of partners and suppliers who are as local and committed as possible is essential.

  • We are constantly looking for solutions to have the lowest carbon impact.

  • Each little bit is accompanied by a thank you and presentation card which is seeded to replant adorable sisters, wild flowers ...

And so goes the cycle of life.

Image de Daniel Spase
Image de Severin Candrian
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