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Arouse  wonder  around you with a  divinely hairstyle  Bohemia!


The Bohemian crown will adorn your hair with stabilized and dried flowers in warm tones   burgundy, orange, mustard yellow.  while bringing  a romantic and sophisticated touch to your look.

It adjusts to your head size thanks to a discreet and elegant ribbon.

Like the whole of its collection which  completes wonderfully, she  comes in cocoon or nude color (soft white, cream and beige tones)


  • Composition:  preserved and dried flowers and foliage (such as: hydrangea, poppy, helichrysum, glixia, eternal rose, flax, fern, hill flower, amarelino,  gypsophila, oats, pampas grass, lagurus, phalaris,  daisy, limonium, lunaria)

  • Dimensions:  One size, adjustable. Up to 10cm thick on the front.


Our small garden-jewelry are made of sustainable natural plants assembled delicately that require  that we be gentle and careful with them to preserve their beauty as long as possible.

All are made by hand in our small Breton workshop.

Bohemian Cocoon Crown


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